Friday, July 10, 2009

We made our annual trek to the Iowa City Jazz Festival again last weekend. It's become an integrated family event, with both my folks and Kevin's attending. This year one of his sisters and her husband also came along. Got some good shots of everyone here and there, like these!

And in case anyone is wondering, here are some pregnancy tidbits:

It's almost week 34. In one more week I'll technically be considered full-term! For the most part this pregnancy has been fairly easy, until just recently when I’ve begun to experience a few of the joys of the third trimester. Like...

...peeing every 15 minutes
...intermittent pressure in the abdominal area
...lots of pokes and jabs in the ribs and bladder (it’s so weird when you can feel an elbow or a knee)
...general minor physical discomfort

The last part really gets to me. I’ve been a pretty fit/agile person for most of my life, and now when I take a walk I feel pains that make me have to slow down. I resurrected a Pregnancy Yoga DVD the other day (took a break after I was able to get out in the nice weather regularly and start walking…mistake #1) and realized the exercises I thought were so easy before are now actually difficult. I feel like such a wimp.

But all in all I really don't have much room to complain. Some ladies have it so much worse!

And here's a fun when Miss M and I arrived our Friday playgroup at the park, we were greeted by one little boy who eagerly steered us toward some picnic tables with food and gift bags. Turns out the ladies decided to throw a shower...which was a total surprise and super sweet of them. I received some adorable otufits for the baby as well as some much-needed practical items, and M was given a couple big sister gifts. Here's one of them, a tu-tu!

What a great group of gals. Their generousity is much appreciated. What a nice start for the weekend!

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