Sunday, May 20, 2007

summer fun

My future's so bright...I gotta wear shades.

Yummy, that swing tastes good!

You cruise, you snooze.

Well, I got to celebrate my second Mother's Day this year. The weird part is I tend to forget that I get to celebrate, too. Seems like I spend the few days before the holiday shopping for mine and Kevin's moms. Last year we had both families over to our place (with a 2 month old I didn't want to do a lot of traveling at the time) so I was busy making preparations for company, and this year Kevin and I had a gig in Peoria in the afternoon. Mom & Dad Hart came over to our place and we all drove over together, then we went to my folks' afterwards and grilled out. It was a very busy day! But we had a nice time. Kudos to ALL's hard work but definitely worth it.

We've got a new form of recreation! Finally got the bike trailer put together so we're able to really utilize the bike trail. Good timing too, because if we keep walking like we have been we're gonna need to replace the wheels on the stroller. Madison seems to like it, and she's even conked out in it a couple of times (see last pic above). What a good deal...she gets to be hauled around, enjoying a cool breeze on her rosy cheeks and taking in the scenery without lifting a finger. I know she likes it because every now and then I hear a "Yay yay yay!" from her little compartment. Anyway, thought I'd post a few recent pics for all to enjoy.