Monday, April 16, 2012

birthdays n' more

The big news around here is that we have a...TA DA...6-year-old in the house! So of course that comes with a celebration of sorts...well, actually, a few of them. Miss M enjoyed a host of activities to commemorate the big 6, including a family party, a trip to the ice rink with a few friends (in lieu of a full-fledged friend party), and taking treats into school.

And of course we captured everything on camera. First, the birthday dinner at the restaurant of her choice (no frills here at McD's playland):

Then, open skate at the rink, complete with chocolate cupcakes!

Back home to our family gathering (sans Grandma/Kappa Smith, who both had nasty colds that day). It was about 75 degrees on this March 18, 2012! Peace signs were the requested theme this year. Definitely one of the easier decorating feats I've tackled over the years!

Special guests include Aunt Mary Ann, giraffe, and Cousin Isaac.

I should post comparison pictures from over the years, but since the photo feature is giving me grief, I'll sav that for another post!