Wednesday, February 24, 2010

c'mon, spring!

We're now at the point where it seems winter will never end. Maybe this year has been particularly bad because we had such a nasty fall--all of October was cold and rainy, and hardly any time was available to enjoy the beauty of the season due to busy schedules and overall icky weather. But as has been proven every year prior to this one (at least in my 35 years), winter does eventually come to a close. March is almost here, and with it comes daylight savings time, a few lucky warm days (often followed by more snow but I'll take what I can get), and the official start of a new, promising season.

We've kept busy this winter, actually, hitting the libraries, the Open Gym, playdates, etc. But I'm itching to get out and walk, and I know Miss M glances wistfully out the car window every time we drive by one of the local parks. Don't worry, child, we'll get there...until then, you have had something else to keep you busy...preschool! That's right, Miss M is officially a preschooler. We got lucky when I visted preschools, thinking of next year, when one had an opening in the 3-year-old class. She started at A Child's View at the beginning of the month and really seems to enjoy it. I like it because it gives her some structure 3 mornings a week and, ok, I admit it, I also enjoy the break! Handling one kid at a time is way easier than trying to balance the needs of 2! The only problem is what to do with the pages artwork she brings home every day? I haven't been able to toss any of it yet, but I also know we can't save everything. Guess we'll see how much has accumulated at the end of the year and go from there.

Ali is, as of today, 6 months old. She's doing great (except for sleeping/napping issues but that's another story)...she's sitting on her own for longer periods of time, loves trying to manipulate her toys, is very alert and responsive in general, and is for the most part a really happy baby. She's starting to whirl herself around when on her belly, so I know creeping and crawling is next to come. Time to baby proof!

I'll post some pics of the girls in a sec but first I have to mention that on Friday (2/26) Kevin and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Neither of us can believe it's been that long entire decade just seemed to fly by. But it's full of wonderful memories and I look forward to making many more in the next 10 years and beyond!

Posing for the camera...with some of that artwork I mentioned in the background.
Ali grinning at Grandma.

Lovin' the exersaucer! (Hi Mom!)

Maddi wanted me to take a pic of her giving her sister a hug. Ali was clearly like, "Let GO of me, what are you doing?" *choke, gasp*

Trying to add a little bit of spring to the table. They're egg carton tulips.
Recent playdate with friends!