Monday, July 27, 2009

Miss M's first haircut!

Finally it came time to give Madison a haircut...her first *real* one. (This only took 3 years and 4 months!) I've trimmed her bangs many times and even once tried my hand at evening out the back, but this is what I consider her first actual cut. We took her to the same place Kevin and I go and had the same hairdresser tackle her locks. She did a great job! I was apprehensive about losing some of the length, but it was looking so scraggly back there that I understand why it had to be cut. Now her hair is to the middle of her neck and really looks lays so much more nicely and is a perfect summer cut. Of course I had to bring the camera for the big event!

1st haircut



She never did smile but seems happy to have had the experience. Here's a view of the flips up a bit in back since there's some curl to her hair now, and looks super cute.


And on the preggo front...I'm now 36 weeks. Only 4 to go if I make it to term! My goal is to get most of what we still need this week, which isn't much. We still don't have a crib but probably won't need that right away. We'll use the mini-crib in our room for the first few months and the pack n' play has a bassinette feature, which I figure we can place in the girls' room to "mark" the spot until we find a good deal on a crib. I don't think M used hers until she was at least 6 months, anyway.

HOpefully I'll manage to get everything done before this baby decides to make an appearance!

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