Thursday, August 12, 2010

life in the fast lane

That's what life is, once you have kids. Each day seems to speed by faster than the previous one, and the next thing you have an almost-one-year-old on your hands! This time last year I was begging the gods (and I'm not really a religious person) to get this baby OUT of me. I was sooo uncomfortable. Sleeping was anything but. I felt huge. My maternity clothes seemed to be shrinking. And I had to pee like, two hundred times a day. Looking back, I do feel I should be grateful it wasn't a hot summer like this one.

So yes, our baby Ali turns one on August 24th. We'll have a cookout for family as a celebration a week or so later. I haven't decided on a theme yet...but will probably do something simple like animals. Possibly windmills or the American flag as she seems to be fascinated by those items.

Life in general has flown by this summer! We've had a lot of fun, taking some family trips, going to a local lakefront beach, and meeting friends for playgroups. Miss M took a ballet class through the park district and loved it...she wants to do it again in the fall. Kevin has enjoyed his summer and is beginning to lament the end of his free time. All in all we've had a lot of are just a handful of pictures to prove it.

Blueberry picking

My dad took the next two (Iowa City)

Look out! Attack of the scary baby!