Tuesday, June 23, 2009

31 week u/s pics

I realize I promised ultrasound pics for Baby No Name a while back but I still haven't scanned them. However, I had a second u/s today to see why I haven't gained as much weight as my doctor thinks I should (everything's fine! measurements are good and baby weighs 3 lbs, on target) so I have a couple of really good pics to share now!

You can totally see her face here. Amazing, especially for a regular u/s and not a 3D one. And she has Miss M's chin...which also happens to be my mom's chin. Cool!

Profile shot. That little blob above the nose/mouth is a hand. She kept putting it in front of her face like she didn't want her picture taken. I guess she's already taking after my sister.

And we can't forget big sis. Here's a nice one my dad took recently:

Thanks for looking. More updates as stuff happens!

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