Wednesday, September 27, 2006

yes, we do still exist

And you thought this was one of those blogs that had only a handful of posts, only to be abandoned and hogging a precious corner of cyberspace. Well, almost, but the Jazzmom Mommyblog has been resurrected. It's just difficult sometimes to sit down and get anything done at the computer these days. When I am able to steal a few minutes here and there I tend to spend my time on my personal addiction, a message board for preggos and parents.

So here's the update...Maddi is now 6 months old! She sits up, she laughs, she smiles (a lot), and she's creeping and getting into stuff. The girl has a penchant for newspapers. She likes to eat them. Well actually, she likes to eat anything she gets her little hands on. New fascinations include shoelaces (untying them) and books (pulling them off the shelf). She's a part-time solids eater now (dinner only, she's still primarily a booby baby), and has like everything except butternut squash. Avocados took some getting used to, but now she'll chow down on them with gusto.

It's time to share this blog with family and friends who may be interested in what's going on in the Hart household, now that I'm making a commitment to update a bit more regularly. Just beware that, since my prime computer time is late at night these days, some posts may be full of nonsense, dribble, and more of the like. I'll try to include some pictures so you can ignore the words and just enjoy pics of our little Cute Bunny.