Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Madison takes a boat ride

Since we're in a Curious George phase right now (classic books...I still love them!) I figured it was appropriate to create a title ala H.A. Rey.

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous so we hopped on the bikes, strapped Miss M in her bike trailer, and headed to Miller Park. We couldn't remember if they had paddle boats for rent on the lake, so we wanted to check that out. Lucky for us they did, and Madison loved the experience.
Here's a bonus shot of Miss M modeling her evening gown/blanket. Crazy kid!

Monday, June 16, 2008

the great outdoors

We had a pretty fun weekend. It was beautiful so of course we spent most of it outside. Saturday there was a concert downtown (sponsored by our friends at WGLT), so we hopped on the bikes and trekked down the trail. Madison liked it a lot, and she made friends quickly with a little boy sitting next to us. They danced, played with sticks, and shared snacks. She's a social one, that girl! Next we hit a local carnival. Miss M took her first train ride. It was a little Amtrak and she loved it! And on Sunday we celebrated Father's Day by having the family over. My folks & sister and bro in law and Kevin's folks all came. Except for a super duper wind gust that practically lifted everything off the ground and the brief rainstorm that followed, it was a great day for a cookout. The sun came out later so we headed back outside.

Blogger's photo uploader is working now so here are the pics!

Dancing with her new friend at the GLT Summer Concert:

Mmm, ice cream with Daddy. What could be better?

She's still talking about the train ride!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

green news, green thumb

We've accomplished two things so far this summer that we've been wanting to do for a long time. Here they are:

Kevin made a rain barrel last fall but he didn't hook it up until the spring. We're using the water for our garden, plus my flowers. (Thanks Mom Hart, Master Gardener extrodinaire and generous contributor to my plant stash!)

The clothesline is great. It takes stuff almost no time to dry, especially the diapers! When I lined dried my AIOs in the basement they took 2 days. Now I need only an afternoon of outdoor air.

And, well, since I just uploaded some photos to my computer, here are a few more for ya!

Getting ready to go to a wedding. Look how grown up Miss M looks!