Monday, April 30, 2007

had a good read lately?

I've been lax about updating but with the nice weather (finally!) we've been doing a lot of outside stuff. Then at night I've had work to do. Gotta keep the diapers on the bum, ya know.
Madison is 13 months now and she's doing great! I continue to be amazed at the progress she's making physically and mentally. Her latest accomplishments include matching shapes with her shape-sorter, eating just about everything we eat (including ice cream), and adding a number of words to her vocabulary. Most notably:
Flower (owa)
Magazine (ma)
Backyard (ba)
Swing (ba)
Puff (puh)
Ok, so most of these would be indeciperable to anyone but us. And it's true, "ba" seems to be universal for a number of nouns. But I'm darned proud of my girl for trying. She knows what she wants to say and we can understand her most of the time, so there's real communication happening. It's so cool.
She's not a baby anymore, really. She's a walking, talking toddler. I still can't believe it. And she's a whole lot of fun. One of our latest discoveries is the park...she LOVES the park. I'm also thinking of signing us up for infant/toddler swim lessons with the park district...not because I think she'll actually learn to swim, but because it sounds like a fun opportunity to get involved in some sort of organized activity. She likes other kids and I'd like to be around some other moms!
I could post a ton more updates but I have a newsletter to finish, so that's all for now. Hope everyone is enjoying their spring!

Monday, April 09, 2007

somebunny loves you

It hit me this weekend that this year was NOT Madison's first Easter! She's becoming a holiday veteran now with two Easters under her belt.

We had a little egg hunt Sunday morning. Hid 6 plastic eggs and she found them all. Kevin suggested we put goldfish crackers in them as incentive to keep looking, and it worked. But now I think she thinks eggs are called "crackers" (or "ca-ca"). I hope we didn't confuse the poor girl!