Friday, April 16, 2010

spring has sprung

Lots has happened since I last posted (as usual). Free time is scarce these days, so that's why there's a whole lotta pics following this text. We've got to cover a birthday, Easter, and fun stuff in general!

Madison turned 4 on March 21. She had a whole birthday week, since we just did stuff on her actually bday as a foursome and celebrated with friends and extended family the following weekend. She wanted a My Little Pony party, so I got busy tracking down MLP items. It's not so hard since all things 80's seem to be making a recurrence! It was our first year for a kids party, too, and I just decided to make a day of it and have the kids portion early in the afternoon and the family party afterwards. It was a very noisy, busy day, but I think everyone had fun...especially the birthday girl!

Ali is growing, growing, growing! She's just shy of 8 months and is doing all kinds of things. She started crawling about two weeks ago, as well as pulling herself up to stand, and...oh my word...she's even taking steps between Kevin and I. This girl's on the fast track to walking, I think. Scary! She continues to be a very happy, smiley kiddo. Her sleeping issues are getting better...she's actually taking naps in her crib now, instead of having to be lying next to someone. And she's sleeping for a 3-5 hour stretch at night now, which doesn't sound great but after going through a period where she was waking every half hour, it's actually pure bliss!

Here are a few (ok, actually there are many!) pics of happenings as of late. Enjoy!

The birthday girl...proud to be 4!

The cake. It turned out ok...far from glamorous, but it wasn't anything to be overly embarrassed about.

Daddy and Ali people watching.

Fun at the museum!

Finally, some nice days. We can get out and walk again!

Easter girls.

Takin' a snooze on a walk.

More museum fun.

Thanks for looking. Hope everyone's well!