Sunday, September 30, 2007

catchin' up

Well let's see, what's been going on? We've had kind of a rough week, I guess. First Madison had her 18 month appointment on the 21st, which went ok except she would NOT hold still for the weight/measurement checks. So I'm pretty sure those are inaccurate, considering they weighed her in at a full pound less than her 15 month appointment. Then she had to get one booster shot plus HepA (no MMR yet, we're delaying that one) and she wasn't too happy about that. Then she had to have her hemoglobin checked which came back low, so I had to take her back the next week to have it re-checked. The second time they did it though the vein in her arm, not the little finger prick like the first time, and it was horrible. She was so miserable, and I felt horrible for her. Fortunately her levels were fine this time, so I don't have to worry about adjusting her diet too much.

Speaking of diet, we did have to adjust a bit this weekend, to mainly bland foods. Last week she began vomiting. Occurrences were intermittent (every other day in fact) and she acted just fine otherwise. After she threw up again on Friday I called the doctor and recieved a little bit of reassurance...the nurse said she had 3 calls exactly like mine that day. So some sort of viral thing is going around...which I'm pretty sure she picked up at the doctor's office. At her WELL BABY visit. Harumph.

We were going to take our yearly trip to WI this weekend but because I wasn't sure how M would be feeling we decided not to go. Turned out she was just more I'm hoping the bug is out of her system.

On a fun note, I was finally able to meet up with my friend Delaney and her son, who is just a month older than M. We've been trying to find time to meet for months and this time the stars aligned. We met at Brookfield Zoo and had a super time. The toddlers had their own sort of conversation ("no no no" "NO NO!" "Ablagoobly?" "Doo doo hiiii!"), it was really cute. And we mommies chatted about life in general and parenthood. We used to do shots, now we do diapers. Boy have times changed!

I will add pictures tomorrow, running out of time tonight!

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