Friday, September 07, 2007

inside, outside, upside down

I've had a lot of thoughts in the last few days about what to post here next, but it's been hard to find time to get online to do much. Now that school has started again and Kevin is back in teaching mode he's not home much during the day, so it's just Maddi and me. She's a good kiddo but a handful sometimes, so I have to watch to make sure she's not turning the TV on and off repeatedly or dancing on the coffee table.

Today we went to the Children's Museum. Cool place...lots of hands on stuff for little ones and they even offer toddler time programs...I think we'll go to some of the upcoming planned events. I didn't bring the camera today, but here are a few other recent pictures you might enjoy of our little acrobat. She's doing somersaults now!

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