Wednesday, January 29, 2014

back in the saddle again

Ha ha ha..I just "found" my blog once again. I see the last post began with me wondering where the heck 2012 went. Well, folks, how about 2013? What happened to that one? It's gone and done, and here we sit in the bright, early, cold months of January 2014. Very. Cold. Kids have already had SIX "snow" days (they have actually been extreme weather condition days). Yesterday was the latest one. But my parents, the good souls, came by to take Miss M and Miss A out for lunch and other mall adventures, and I've been thinking I need to bring back the mom blog lately, so while I should be working on newsletters for clients, I thought I'd take a moment to re-ignite this thing.

So since all kinds of time has passed since my last entry and we've not caught up for a while, do you want to guess what I am doing right this second? I'll give you a hint--it begins with a B. I am currently holding a warm bundle of about 15 lbs. in my arms, listening to the soothing (or maddening, depending on how you look at it) sounds of sweet lullabies emerging from a fuzzy brown monkey's light-up tummy while willing a certain 5-month-old to finish his nap.

Did you guess correctly? That's right, we got ourselves a baby!

In August of last year we welcomed little Mr. Wesley to the family. His big sisters adore him. Mom and Dad do too, although he gave us quite a run for our money with the timing of his birth. The day before Miss M started 2nd grade and the very first day of classes at Kevin's college #1 Mr. W decided to make his appearance. He was pretty much right on schedule--just a few days early, and on my dad's birthday actually--so it shouldn't have shocked us. We knew the timing was bad. But I felt completely out of the loop during the first few months of school--my email didn't make it to the teacher's list and since a certain 7-year-old doesn't tell us much about what's going on at school, I was totally out of it. A far cry from last year when I was in school volunteering once or twice a month!

But we persevered and now we're settling into a bit of a groove. Well, some days we have a groove. Other days it's more like we are caught in a whirlpool of kidstuff and we're (that is, "I" am) hanging on for dear life. But overall, things are great and I wouldn't change a thing.

So now have two girls and a boy. So far the boy thing is different...and this started in utero. My entire pregnancy was different from those with the girls. Here's the short list of my pregnancy ailments:

- Never had morning sickness, but during the first trimester I had aversions to just about every food but grilled cheese and peanuts. Especially coffee. That was very, very sad.

- I had issues with my sciatic nerve. Damn, that hurts. Walking hurt. Sitting hurt. 

- Swelling of the, uh, unmentionables for at least 6 or 7 of those 9 months. 

- Headaches! Being pregnant with the girls cured my migraines, at least until they were born. But headaches were a near-constant enemy of mine for the first and second trimesters this time. They weren't migraines, but they were annoying.

- He sat sooo low toward the end. Constant peeing. Constant pain. Couldn't get up. Couldn't roll over in bed. Suck.

However, I have managed to put most of this out of my mind as W's sweet little self has more than made up for it. That said, we are NOT doing this again. Three kids is our limit!!

So to catch up with everyone, which I'll do briefly because who really has time to read a long-ass post?

W is 5 months. He's laughing, smiling, growing, nearly sitting, and he's got these awesomely awesome blue eyes. Gonna get the girls for sure with those!

A is 4 and prepping for kindergarten next year. Well, she's in preschool anyway and our prepping is pretty much informal: "Look, next year you'll be going to that school over there with your sister!" I'm trying to make myself truly appreciate the time we have together at home now since she'll be at school all day next year, but some days I just don't feel like I'm doing a very good job of that. Life is just a little bit crazy right now and poor A is the middle kid. She's doing ok, though. Still a totally lovable kiddo who has a super snuggly side that I'm certain is there to balance her air of mischief.

M is 7 (nearly 8) and in second grade. She loves school, friends, rainbow looms (it's all the rage you know), reading, and is becoming quite the little lady. She's got a sense of fashion that I could only dream of and a penchant for peacemaking. Case in point: a girl in her class took a little envelope she made and decorated and wouldn't give it back. She came home and told me about this and was upset, and when I asked what she thought she should do about it she thought a minute and said, "I should make her one so she'll have her very own. And then maybe she'll give mine back!" Guess what. Her plan worked. Awwww.

It takes lots of words to catch up and I don't need to do it all now. Signing off for the night, then, with a promise to return sometime before the next two years fly by!

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