Tuesday, April 28, 2009

spring fling

We've been outside a lot lately since we had a few warm & sunny days. Last fall K planted green onion bulbs throughout our gardens, and they've been up for a while. Finally they're ready to dig up, which is good news for him and Miss M. Not so good for me, however, since I don't like them and whoever eats these things carries around an onion odor on their breath. Help! I'm surrounded!

Another sure sign of spring is the early season flowers blooming, like these tulips on the ISU campus.

Other news...I've been thinking about some of the differences between my two pregnancies. Physically there hasn't been much...no morning sickness, moderate weight gain, feeling pretty good in general. But I did everything by the book with my first pg in terms of diet and exercise. I avoided all the no-no pg foods: hot dogs, lunchmeat, fish, and as much as possible, caffeine. This time, while I still eat fairly well, I've allowed myself occasional indulgences when it comes to deli sandwiches and dogs. My downfall, however, has been the coffee. During the first trimester I didn't drink any--couldn't, really. It never sounded good at all. Now, though, I treat myself to about a half cup a day (I'd guess maybe it's 8 oz), which from what I've read is acceptable (and by the way, it's usually half regular/half decaf). But I still feel guilty. I should probably cut it out for good.

Also, with my first pg I read all the time about what was going on developmentally with the baby and with my body, and I thought about the pregnancy about a zillion times a day. This time it's not on my mind as much. It's not because I'm not excited...I am! But I chalk it up to being busy caring for and keeping a 3-year-old occupied. That takes a good chunk of the day as we're always doing things and running here and there--errands, playdates, story times, etc. Again, I shouldn't feel guilty since this is a very different time in life, but sometimes I do. Guess once you become a parent the guilt just piles on in one form or another.

Speaking of the baby, I don't think I mentioned this yet here but we found out we're having a GIRL! I would have been pleased either way, but I have to admit it will be a little easier knowing that we're set on clothes and the fact that the two will be able to share a room (meaning we get to keep our office!). A 3-year age difference is pretty good...would have liked for it to be a little bit of a smaller gap, but some things you can't control (more on that another time). I hope the two girls become close. My sister and I fought all thoughout childhood, and while it's probably mostly because our personalities are so different (and yes, ok, I was kind of a meanie), I think it also has to do with the fact that we're 5 years apart. I mean, what does a 10-year-old have in common with a 5-year-old? You don't share friends or interests, usually. I guess only time will tell. I wonder if there's anything a parent can do to encourage friendship between siblings?

Ok, one more picture and I'll sign off. This weekend our friends came to visit. They have a little boy so M had a playmate--I thought that for the most part they played together well. Here's a pic of her giving Noah a friendly hug.

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