Saturday, November 01, 2008

pumpkin fun

This year I was super excited about Halloween. I've been preparing Miss M for the big day, explaining how trick or treating works, doing practice runs (sans candy), making decorations, etc. So when yesterday morning hit I felt like *I* was the kid! After decking M out in full ladybug attire, we went to the library for a special parade and story time. Later in the day we headed out for tricks or treats on our street, then headed to the mall for an indoor ToT adventure. It was a blast, she really "got" it this year (even if she got shy when it came time to shout "trick or treat!") and seemed to enjoy dressing up. The fun isn't over yet, because we have a kiddie Halloween party to go to later today.

Here are some pics of our pumpkin carving experience. I haven't uploaded photos or ToT yet, but will do that soon and of course post 'em here. Hope everyone had a safe, fun Halloween!

Helping Daddy carve the pumpkin.

Maddi and "Buddah" (she named it).

Maybe we should use this for our Christmas cards?

Ready to canvas the street for goodies. It's strange to out when it's still light, though...
Trick or treating at the mall with best bud, Karsten the Pirate.
Halloween fun continues on Sat. at friend Katie's party.

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