Monday, March 24, 2008

birthday girl!

It's been pretty exciting around here lately. Last Friday was Madison's birthday. My big-little girl turned 2. We kicked off the big day with a visit to her pediatrician, who announced Miss M is perfectly healthy. The doctor asked the usual questions: is she eating well? YES...some days the girl is like a garbage disposal. Is she running and jumping? YES...she has more energy than *I* know what to do with. How many words does she know? I have NO IDEA...but it's A LOT. Does she speak in 3-4 word sentences? NO. She's been using LONG sentences (for a 2-year-old anyway) her favorite this past week: "We go to museum on the birthday. Maddi's birthday!"

Which brings us up to later in the day. She had been talking about going to the Children's Museum all week. I promised her we'd go on her birthday, and we talked about how her birthday was only three, two, and finally one day away. So when she woke up from her nap Friday afternoon and was told we'd go the museum after dinner she was so excited. My parents came with us and got the biggest kick out of seeing her run around the place. Miss M's favorite part is the food area, where there's a grocery/diner section stocked with plastic food. She loves filling up the shopping carts and looks like she's on one of those 15-minute shopping sprees. Here are some pics from the museum:

Since Easter was this weekend we won't have her party until next Sunday, so that's something else to plan and look forward to.
I've got Easter pics to post too, but will do that when I have more time. Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

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