Monday, October 29, 2007

boo! to you

I am a sucky mommy. Halloween is in two days and I still haven't gotten a costume for M yet.

I saw a really cute monkey outfit (how very fitting!) at Target 2 months ago, but I just wasn't prepared to think about Halloween in September, ya know? So I didn't buy it. Of course that's the one costume that sold out immediately and they haven't gotten any more in so...I guess our little monkey won't look the part. I also refuse to pay more than $15 for a costume she'll wear for a few hours, max, one night. I mean, we are only taking her to a couple of the neighbors houses, and maybe have her dressed up while kids come to our house.

I may go the home-made route and use this cute bunny hat my mom made for her...I can dress her in pink sweats and put together a cotton tail and she'll be a huggable, squeezable (cheap) little hopper for Halloween.

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