Monday, July 09, 2007

trips n' tales

We made our annual trek to the Iowa City Jazz Festival last weekend. It's turned into quite an event, with both sets of our parents coming along plus a few friends here and there. This was Madison's second appearance at Iowa City...and I daresay she liked it more this year than last. Of course, last year she was only 3 months old and cried most of the time. This year there was so much to explore...grass, steps leading up to campus buildings, Whitey's Ice Cream...there's lots to do in this neat-o little downtown.

Campus area, on, of course, Madison St. As you can see, the wee one is thrilled about this. Zzzz...

After the festival we headed over to the Field of Dreams movie site:

With Grampa Ronnie, checking out the kids playing ball on the field. Remember the house from the movie? Still there. And the bleachers where the little girl fell? You can see them to the right of Grampa and Maddi.

Let's see, what else is new? Ah, today was the first day of swim class! M did very well. She did cling to me for the first 10 mintues or so, refusing to turn around and look at her fellow swimmers, but after a while she relaxed and participated in a game of chase the (rubber) duck. Today was a great day for being in the water as it's terribly hot! Yippee for Midwestern summers, ha ha.

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