Friday, March 30, 2007

happy birthday Madison!

Well, my baby turned 1 last week. I can't believe it...she's getting big so fast. On her birthday we took her to the park where she happily played in the dirt. The big party was last Saturday, and the little party was this past Tuesday (my folks ended up with water in their basement due to the rain, so we took some cake, decorations, and their granddaughter to them).

She's picking up on things so quickly now. She understands so much--it's amazing how she's learned it. We can ask her to go get a specific book and almost every time she comes back with the correct one. She can also follow simple instructions...put the __ in the __, look at the ___, etc. She knows what a lot of objects are around the house.

She's walking like a pro. In fact, we bought her her first pair of sneakers the other day. Also, she's trucking along pretty well and she's almost running when she gets excited.

She is also adding more words to her vocabulary. In addition to mom, dad, banana she says ball, cracker, and water. Probably nobody but Kevin and I can decipher these last two words, though.

I guess this is my brag post! Hope you enjoy the pics from her birthday celebration!

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