Friday, January 19, 2007


Madison, where's 'Mommy?'


Madison, can you say 'Daddy?'


Madison, what are these?

Nananas! (bananas)

This is an example of the conversations we've been having with our daughter these days--usually the same conversation multiple times each day. It's a game and none of us are tired of it yet! And since she's responding with words, I consider them real conversations. She understands a lot more than she can vocalize. She can identify a bunch of objects, including her stuffed animals (Pooh, Puppy, Bunny, and Dolly Madison), balls, piano, blocks, rings (the stackable kind), the window, Puffs (her beloved Gerber Puffs), and a lot of other things. It's really cool being able to communicate with the munchkin.

I also would like to say congrats to my friend Kim and her husband who just gave birth (well, Kim's the one who actually gave birth :) to her son Sean Michael. Kim is an old friend...we go waaaay back to our kindergarten years! You can read about their exciting news and see some pics on her blog. Welcome to mommyhood!!

Oh, and thanks to my friend Delaney and her son Logan (see previous post) for letting Maddi pose in the coolest of all vehicles..the Weinermobile!

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