Wednesday, October 04, 2006

are you a baby person?

I totally wasn't, until Madison came along. People would ask me if I'd like to hold their babies and I'd always find some excuse not to. I pretty much pulld from my own supply of stock excuses, like:

  • I'd love to but I'm getting over this cold...
  • I dunno, babies just don't seem to like me and I'd hate to make him/her cry.
  • Wish I could but I'm such a klutz...I'd hate to drop your baby! And you'd hate me if I did so...thanks but I'd better not.

Then we had our own little live sugar booger and I couldn't use these excuses anymore. After all, it was our kid. And I was the mommy. Mommies are expected to snuggle with their babies. There's just no way around it.

Fortunately, my fear of holding an infant diminished as soon as Kevin handed her over to me in the delivery room. And now I'm just another baby-ga-ga female. We go out and I'm following strollers with my eyes, trying to sneak a peek at what's inside. Is it a boy? Girl? How old? Does he have any hair yet? Are all her limbs present and accounted for?

I guess it just took me a little longer to realize how cute babies really are. Of course, I think M is the cutest baby ever, and she gets cuter every day. She's got this little round head and cute eyebrows, cute tiny fingers and toes. And she does the cutest things. Ok, so they are kind of weird pasttimes, but hey, whatever keeps the kid occupied. For instance, she loves shoelaces. She's really into untying shoelaces. And paper...she's got a thing for paper items. Newspapers especially. And magazines. I think she likes the crinkling sounds they make, but they must have a pleasant flavor 'cuz she also likes to eat them. No, scratch that, she likes to try to eat everything. Like bathwater...since we started bathing her in the big tub, she thinks it's fun to try to drink the bathwater. Yuck. I try to discourage that. Especially since I don't know if she's peed in there...drinking her own urine? That can't be healthy.

So anyway, since I'm going on and on about cuteness like a crazed mommy, I might as well post another pic of our cutie. Enjoy and until next time...mommy on!

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