Tuesday, July 11, 2006

milestone madness


We're well into Maddi's 3rd month and boy, are things ever happening! I think she's really starting to become aware of the world around her. She's smiling a lot, she loves "talking" to us, she can sit up (with help to get into position, of course), and apparently she rolled over today from back to belly. I missed it, I was teaching lessons this afternoon. And Kevin missed it, because he was in the other room for a sec (not to worry, she was on the floor).

Another big milestone is that we moved her into her own room a few days ago. The poor thing really was too big for her mini-crib...she kept getting her legs stuck between the bars and hollering when it happened. I miss having her in our room, but I know this is the way things are supposed to be. And now she sleeps GREAT (once we get her down, that is...which is another story). I'm the one who keeps getting up every hour to check on her. Sheesh. I've become a paranoid mommy. Is there any other kind?

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