Wednesday, June 28, 2006

welcome to adventures in mommy-ing!

Another blog?

Yes, it's true. I've just set up blog #3, the other two being my professional blog (which is miserably out of date) and my "fun" one. During my recent pregnancy I maintained a blog to keep family and friends from afar updated (archived at, but since it's now inactive and, not being preggo anymore, kind of obsolete, I decided to start a new one.

Here I intend to post my adventures in mommydom. As a first time parent I'm learning new things every day. In sharing these observations in a public space, I figure:

(1) Occasional venting will serve as therapy for a sometimes frazzled new mommy

(2) My own lessons learned will be passed on for other folks to learn from

(3) Certainly there are other benefits but I'm unable to grasp them currently. Need more sleep. Urghh...

Wish I were creative enough these days to think up a better title for this blog, but the other ideas I had were already taken. Knowing that, I guess my ideas have even less originality than I thought. Thus we have, as an offshoot of my Jazzwriter blog, a URL entitled The Jazzmom Blog. Hey, it works. Although I'm not above changing it if inspiration slaps me in the face sometime soon. I'll keep you posted.

Until next time, let the adventures continue.

Mommy on!

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