Monday, June 07, 2010

keepin' it straight

There are several places now where I post, Facebook, and my beloved mom's forum. So I don't want to copy myself too much and post the same stuff everywhere, all the time, so I will try to be mindful of which pics are showcased in each place.

So let's see, we've been B-U-S-Y! This summer is going to go fast. Between playdates, work (K and I have worked out a schedule where I get to work in the morning and he watches the girls, and in the afternoons we switch--and boy it feel good to actually use my brain again!), and life in general it seems like the days are already speeding by. Hard to believe we're into June!

Let's catch up a little.

Madison finished her first year (well, half year actually) of preschool. The classes had an end-of-the-year program that was fun to watch. M didn't sing (true to form, although as soon as we got home she made us all sit down in the living room and watch her dance. Silly girl.)
Here she is with her bff from class:

This week she starts ballet will be interesting to see how that goes. She's already saying "I don't want to go" but that's a standard Madison line that's uttered whenever she know she's going to try something new. Often when we give her a little push she ends up having a good time, so I hope that's the case with the dance lessons.

Ali, at 9 months, is astounding everyone she meets with her WALKING. Yes, that's right, the girl is a walkin' fool. She took her first timid steps at 7.5 months, was toddling around unsteadily at 8 months, and now only crawls to get to something to pull herself up on to take off again. It looks so funny because she's so small.

There she goes!

Nice shot of the girls together.

These are the only pictures I am posting today because Blogger is being kind of a pain to work with, but if you haven't seen the video Kevin put together, "Maddi's Gardening Show" yet, be sure to check it out! (It's in the previous post.)

Happy summer, everyone!

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