Wednesday, January 28, 2009

we're goin' to the gym, gym, gym...

...And we finally got to take Daddy along! Since he was on break, we were able to all go to to the Open Gym at Rising Stars. What a great resource to have in town when you're looking for ways to burn off excess energy in toddlers/preschoolers...especially during these winter months when we're stuck inside all the time.

The gym has several in-floor trampolines, a big foam block pit, hula hoops, giant balls to chase around, stuff to climb, ropes to swing from, etc. I really think they need to have one day a month dedicated to adults, however. I'd LOVE to play on everything without having to worry about stepping on a stray kid!
Kevin thought it was cool, too. We took some pictures, but the lighting isn't great so they're a bit dark. Still, you can see some of the fun things to do...and you can tell how much Miss M loves this place!
Hmm, is it safe to jump?
The foam pit! Watch out, it eats socks....
Maddi and Daddy pose

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