Sunday, September 14, 2008

sleepless days

I think it's happening...really happening this time. Miss M has been hit or miss in taking her nap for the last 2.5 weeks, and I really think she's close to giving it up. AAAAGH! Tell me, experienced mothers with older did your kid go about dropping the afternoon (and only) nap? How old were they? Did they quit cold turkey, eliminate it gradually, or what? And how much earlier did you put them to bed once the daytime naps were history?

This means, of course, that I am doomed as a WAHM. There will be no time to work unless I get up at 6 am to do it. I'm probably going to have to lean on a few folks who have been offering to help out, I think.

Other news? It's been rainy as HECK here. Everyone gets a little cranky when the days stretch out endlessly (especially when those days are no nap days), so I've been trying to find ways to keep life interesting and fun. Here are some of our adventures!

Singin' in the rain

Tiptoe thru the downspout

After an afternoon of fingerpainting, a bath was the only way to get all the goo off. Combine blowing bubbles with bathtime and there you have it, a solid hour of entertainment!

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