Sunday, August 17, 2008

the august rush

It's been a while since I've had time to update...things have been pretty busy. Last week I was balancing 3 projects, but I've since completed one of them and have made decent headway on the remaining two. One is a pretty labor-intensive article feature that includes a series of interviews with 4 people plus communicating with a publisher. I've been trying to as much done as possible before Kevin is back to teaching (tomorrow, eek!).

We're making more strides in our family-based quest to become "greener." The latest step: we're on board with reusable bags. I recieved one free in the mail just for taking an online quiz, so when I went grocery shopping I brought that bag with. Kroger also sells reusable bags so I picked up two more. That day I brought home only FOUR plastic bags from the store. That's opposed to the usual dozen, so I'd say that's making pretty good progress. I've since bought one more Kroger bag (an insulated one) and ordered 3 string bags from

Another perk, besides doing our part to lessen the impact on the environment, is that I don't have nearly as many bags piling up in the garage. We do recycle the ones that accumulate, but I always forget to take them in (we don't enjoy curbside recycling in our town).

Let's see, a Miss M update...we're all underwear, all day long now (at home anyway.) She's doing really well with letting us know when she has to go potty. We do use pull-ups for going out and at bedtime/naptime, but overall I'm happy with her progress. And for anyone wondering, I did have a bye-bye diaper party. We packed up all the cloth and put them away in a box. That seemed to do the she doesn't fight me when I go to put underwear on her. Yay!

Also, Madison is developing quite the imagination! The other night I went to tell her goodnight and found not Maddi but an elephant in her bed! :) Also, she had Data and Jordie from Star Trek Next Generation in the bathtub with her a couple of days ago. Thanks to Kevin, I guess our kid is on her way to becoming a Trekkie!

I haven't had time to upload any new pictures lately, but I'll be certain to do so with my next post. Hope everyone is enjoying these final days of summer. Can't believe September is nearly here!

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Heidi said...

Yay for no diapers during the day!

Can't wait to see new pictures.