Friday, May 02, 2008

with a spring in your step...

I know, enough with the spring comments already. But I can't help feels so good to get outside! When it's not raining that's where we spend the bulk of our time. Here are a few pictures of our outdoor activities lately.

At the park:

Having a snack at her new picnic table:

Posing for our annual picture with the tulips:

We also belong to a new playgroup! Well, it's not exactly new...a group of us who attended Storytime each week at the library decided that since the program is on hiatus during the sumer, there's no reason why we had to stop meeting. So the plan is to continue to get together on Thursday mornings (when Storytime has been held) and visit a different park in town each week. The kids are around the same age (2-3) so it's nice for Madison to get some social time. Well, I get social time too...that's part of my motivation, I have to admit!


Mel ~ Mommy to my Little Man and Love Baby said...

I LOVE her picnic table. That is so cute!!!

NicoleS said...

Sounds like you have a fun summer planned! We aren't sure what we're going to do - everyone from our playgroup had/is having babies this year! Must be something in the water! The picnic table is too cute!