Wednesday, August 01, 2007

of poop and product recalls

Today I came across a list of topics intended for this blog. I made the list quite some time ago and now I'm glad I did, because some of the items listed might have been forgotten. There's a lot of good material there, especially memories from Madison's early weeks/months. Like her very first poop...and I know you want to hear about this!

So the story goes...she was in her mini-crib at the foot of our bed, and it was the middle of the night. We're all sleeping and suddenly the girl lets out a supremely loud yelp. Kevin and I both jumped up and looked at each other. "What's the matter with her? What happened? Is she ok?" We both panicked. She was only a couple of days old and something terrible had happened but we didn't know what.

But we soon found out. The little girl had her first massive b.m. Filled up the diaper and the some. Scared the crap (literally) out of her. Of course being new parents it took the two of us to change her diaper, and if I remember correctly it took about 20 minutes. (Hey...we were inexperienced, what can I say?)

Ok, on to cleaner things, sort of. Heard about some serious product recalls today, a bunch of Fischer Price stuff. Parents: check to see if you've got any of these items here:

And now for our picture of the day...Little Drummer Girl!

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